The Hanger-On

My most recent ex-boyfriend, Matt, still had the power to piss me off two months after our last conversation. Sometimes I caught his weblog. Well, ok, honestly, I stalked his weblog and jumped on every new post, scouring its contents for the mere mention of my name. Hey, not proud of that.

One particular entry had to do with the fact that he thought it was stupid that there was a picture in the campus newspaper of a lesbian making a soy-based latte for her partner.  He just got so angry every time someone outside of the norm got any attention, and that made me angry.  One of the things I loved about college was the mixture of people.

Anyway, I never commented on his weblog because I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he could still annoy the piss out of me after all that time, but sometimes I just wanted to tell him, “If the whole world was just like you, as you seem to want it, we’d all be unhappy, self-righteous bigots.”

I don’t think that would have earned me a whole lot of points in the Not-a-Bitter-Ex Department.

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