Time Heals All Exes

I showed a friend this blog last week and she laughed and said she’d never do something like this because she does all she can to forget her last relationship.

And I totally get that.

In fact, it’s much harder for me to write about Matt than the other guys because Matt is the most recent. Doesn’t matter that it’s been almost eleven years since I’ve seen him.

Of course, it matters less now. I can think about him without slamming into a wordless purple rage, which makes the writing part easier. I can even remember the good times without feeling like someone is driving an ice pick right through my chest. But that wasn’t the case even a couple of years after we broke up.

So I guess this post is less about Matt and more about you. If you have some exes in your life that still cause hot rage and heart palpitations, don’t feel too alone. I’ve been there, and I’m willing to bet lots of people have.

And that thing about time healing all wounds? Super cheesy, but totally true. Someday, you’ll probably be able to say your ex’s name without spitting afterwards.

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