I’ve been struggling lately with whether or not I should “out” this blog. I’ve been using pseudonyms for myself and the characters herein, and not sharing any of these posts under my real name.

The thing is, though, the good reason I don’t want to share this under my real name is that I don’t want to hurt the feelings of the exes. There are very few other people who play significant roles herein and/or would be offended by anything I’m saying.

And if I go public, there’s no way to guarantee that the exes won’t see it.

Really, there’s no way to guarantee it right now, either, but I doubt any of the four are going around Googling phrases about past relationships to see if any of their old girlfriends are blogging about them. If they are, though, and they happened to come across this blog, there’s no way they wouldn’t figure out who I am and who I’m talking about immediately.

So I’m a little stuck. I’d love to get traffic and readership up here, because I think this has some value. But I don’t know how to do that without outing myself, and maybe the exes… which could be messy.

Brilliant ideas, anyone?

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