I Wish I’d Said

I wish I’d said…


To Matt: “I’m not broken. Go find someone else to fix.”

To Joe: “What the hell are you doing with Bianca? Tell me the truth.”

To Shane: “I’m scared. I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of what my friends think. I’m scared of what my parents think. I’m scared of what this could end up being. I’m scared of how much I love you.”

To Shane: “We should probably kiss right now, while we have the chance.”

To Joe: “Too much saliva, buddy.”

To Luke: “If you stick your tongue in my ear one more time, I am not responsible for the damage I inflict upon your person.”

To Luke: “Thanks for being my best friend. Really. You are my best friend.”

To Matt: “I actually don’t like any of the Saw Doctors’ songs. Not a one.”

To Don: “I love you.”

To Shane: “I’m sorry.”

To Luke: “I’m sorry.”

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