5 Funny Dating and Relationship Blogs I Love

bloggerIf you’re looking for some great blogs on the humor of relationships (you know, besides this one), check these out:

Soon2BeCatLady – Sharing adventures of modern online dating. Hilarious, in that way where I’m so glad it’s not me.

Single Girl Blogging – Love, love the adventures of this singleton.

My Life on Match & More – Honest, sometimes funny, and occasionally a little horrifying.

Aussa Lorens – I guess this one isn’t a dating blog anymore, since Aussa just got married, but the archives chronicle many a dating (mis)adventure, plus Aussa’s super fun, no matter the subject matter.

Tripp Advice – Less about humor and relationships, but humorously written and with some pretty damn good advice I wish I’d known when I was in dating world!


7 thoughts on “5 Funny Dating and Relationship Blogs I Love

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