High Fidelity Shane

“So, Shane, what would you say went wrong between us?”

“Are you pulling a High Fidelity on me?”


“Yeah. Answer the question.”

“Well… I think what went wrong is that I voiced a concern and you jumped all over it, like, ‘Whew, glad you brought it up, I feel the same way, ‘bye.'”



“Wait. True that you’re being harsh, or true that’s how I was?”

He laughs. “Maybe both.”

“I was a teenager. It was uncomfortable for me to be weird.”

“I get that. Why do you think I brought it up?”

“Huh. Guess I never thought about it like that. You sure were upset that I agreed with you, in that case.”

“Well I thought you’d put up more of a fight.”

“I should have.”

He pauses, then sighs. “Me too.”

“So what about in college, when you told me what we had didn’t really count anyway?”

“God, you remember that?”

“Broke my heart.”

He winces. “Sorry.”

“Then why did you say it?”

“You confused me. We confused me. You know? I’ve never had a relationship like the one we had. You already admitted it was weird. It was way weird. So maybe I just couldn’t reconcile what we had with what everyone else seemed to have.”

“You didn’t just say it to hurt my feelings?”

“Maybe a little.” He grins sheepishly. “You broke my heart, doll.”

“Guess we’re even then.” I smirk and smack him lightly on the arm.

He headlocks me and gives me a noogie for that, then releases me and kisses my cheek. “I’m sorry.”

“Me too.” I pat his knee and we’re cool again.

2 thoughts on “High Fidelity Shane

  1. If only we could have these conversations for real. i love how honest and compassionate and affectionate you are in your treatment of these very young and flawed former flames. Bravo to you.

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