Build and Destroy


Matt was maybe the best at compliments. He had a way of knowing what would make me glow.

“God, you’re so beautiful it hurts sometimes.”

He would take my shy insecurities and neatly squash them without my even asking.

[hitting Repeat on the CD player] “I just want to hear you sing along again.”

He didn’t worry about the right words so much– just the right sentiment.

“Do that twisty thing with your hair today. It makes you look like a princess.”

He knew how to boost my confidence when I was unsure of myself, with just a whisper.

“Does it make you crazy that every guy in the room wants you right now?”

Of course, the flip side of that coin was that he could crush me with equal force and precision, and occasionally did.

He would lord his older-and-wiser status over me.

“How can you be so naive?”

He would accuse me of hurting the people I loved the most, unintentionally or not.

“I would never do that to my mother.”

Every time I disagreed with him, I was unsupportive, argumentative, and wrong.

“I’ve never argued so much with anyone in my life. You are so difficult.”

But I guess that’s what comes with seeing someone’s soul the way he saw mine. You get the ultimate power– to build or destroy. And no matter who you are, sometimes you decide to destroy.

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