What I Did For Love

Over the years, I’ve done many things in the name of love…

  • Took an astronomy class just for an excuse to be on the football field in the dark with the boy I liked
  • Grew out my hair
  • Dyed my hair
  • Cut my hair
  • Permed my hair
  • Hung out the passenger side of a pick-up truck shouting non-sensical phrases about chickens in Spanish
  • Bestowed sexual favors outdoors in plain sight of a military helicopter (In my defense, I didn’t actually know we were in plain sight of the helicopter until it buzzed us at low altitude with its spotlight turned on. Oops.)
  • Gotten piercings
  • Listened to many hours of crappy 80s rock, crappy Irish rock, and ska
  • Made friends with many a mother, younger sibling, and cat
  • Written copious amounts of letters and emails
  • Cancelled plans with friends so I could wait by the phone
  • Cried myself to sleep
  • Learned a strip tease routine
  • “Forgot” my underwear
  • Prayed so hard my whole body shook with the effort
  • Forgave embarrassing public drunkenness (not mine)
  • Forgave embarrassing public weirdness (also not mine)
  • Forgave back-handed compliments
  • Went on road trips
  • Made mixed tapes
  • Wrote terrible poetry
  • Yearned
  • Pined
  • Moved on

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